What Does a Freelance Writer Do to Earn Rs100,000 in a Month Quite Easily


Everyone is crying that there’s no business and it’s hard to earn. This is a true fact keeping in view the current business situation, but idea of earning online never goes fade. You can always earn at least Rs. 100,000 per month if you have good writing skills and that’s not a dream but an easy to achieve target if you have guts. We will tell you what does a freelance writer do to earn at least Rs. 100,000 every month.

How to Make Money Writing a Book?

The idea seems weird when you read it once, but it’s a long term earning scheme. If you write a book, you will not be selling it once. It will keep giving you earning whenever someone will buy your book. Just imagine to top writers who sold millions of copies of the book they wrote, and it was when there wasn’t any internet. Now you have the power of internet and suppose you sell your book just for $2 and if someone how you manage to sell that much amount of copies how much you would be earning?


Now the question is how to make money writing a book, so here’s a little guide. So the first step to our mission of how to make money writing a book is to select the topic. If you selected the best superb and trending topic, then your mission how to make money writing a book is already on success track. Let’s talk about the easiest and trendiest topic for your help. It’s a recipe book. Getting material for a recipe book is quite easy.

You can find recipes by being very specific like 100+ Recipes for Food to Lose Weight or something like that. All you need is some unique formatting and design. Once you have the book, publish it either on Amazon Kindle Store or on Google Reads and other such platforms. Market it a bit, and soon you will start getting sales. That’s how to make money writing a book, isn’t it easy?

 Earn Money Writing Fiction Online

The idea of Earning Money Writing Fiction Online is quite new to Pakistani community, but people are earning a lot. Even though I’m addicted to reading fiction online, and it’s an interesting time-killing activity. What most of the websites do, they offer you free access to the first three episodes of any fiction story, and as you get thrilled or addicted to the story and want to know what happened next, they will ask you to sign up to a premium account. That’s how earn money writing fiction online. We have seen people who earn money writing fiction online, and the earning is more than $2000 per month. So will you try the idea to earn money writing fiction online?


Writing Blog Posts for Money

Writing Blog Posts for money is a very common idea, and that’s what does a freelance writer do. It can give you Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 100,000 per month if you give this thing at least 6 to 8 hours a day. SEO and Online marketer remains in hunt for the writers who can write quality posts for the guest posts so that they may get a quality link from a website with good Page Authority or Domain Authority. So writing blog posts for money is a good idea these days. If you don’t want to write for others, the idea of writing blog posts for money is still the best idea if you have your own blog. Write a quality post which may appeal the readers so you may grab audience on your website and earn through Adsense.

So now you know what does a freelance writer to do to earn easily Rs. 100,000 per month.


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