Making new grounds and grinding new ways in the field of Digital and Social Media Marketing & Advertising. We’re not just giving Social Media Marketing & Advertising Services but we are giving MORE BUSINESS


KLIKX – Digital and PR Agency started its journey February 2017 in Islamabad Pakistan as an independent agency for the first time. Foundations of the business were laid back in 2007 when the CEO of KLIKX – Mr. Samad Aslam Khan started various online blogs and forums. Pacific Alliance, Concord Vision, Dot n Spot, SKYS Web Solutions and Clippings – these were all the stepping stones to reach finally the KLIKX.

On 1st May 2019, KLIKX started its Faisalabad office because of the growing market of Faisalabad. Keeping in view the client demographics, KLIKX – Digital and PR Agency is now planning to start its offices in UAE and UK as well to grow in middles east and European market as well. We’ll keep exploring the world for more and more opportunities, not just for ourselves but for our prestigious clients as well.


The main objective of KLIKX is to educate the community in Faisalabad about the need of Information Technology and Online Marketing including Social Media Marketing so that in the coming years there will be not just advancement of industry in Faisalabad but there will also be opportunities for the existing and new IT firms.

In just few months KLIKX – Digital and PR Agency has earned a rank as one of the most popular Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency in Faisalabad though our services are not limited to the city of Faisalabad only. KLIKX has proved its worth by delivering its client the definite results. We are not just giving Social Media Marketing and Advertising services to the clients but we are actually giving them the business and sales.


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