Who’s Aima Baig’s new collaboration – She just revealed

The gorgeous and talented Pakistani Singer Aima Baig has finally revealed her upcoming collaborations with the top best singers of Pakistan. Nowadays, she is as busy as a bee, working on collaborations. The audience wants to know the exact names of singers, that are engaged in the collaboration with Aima, that’s why we have gathered and mentioned detailed things about it. Let’s see what we are going to have from Aima Baig in the ending days of the year 2020:

Aima Baig X Asim Azhar X Rapper Ramis

Asim and aima
Asim Azhar, Rapper Ramis, Aima Baig collaboration – new sensations

Aima’s latest Instagram Post has clearly shown that she is going to collaborate with one of the best Pakistani singer Asim Azhar. Aima Baig also says that: There are so many more collabs, anthems, and singles are in progress and coming your way. Moreover, her recent post has gives an idea that something is going to be pretty exciting with Asim Azhar as well as Rapper Ramis!

Aima Baig X Abdullah Siddiqui

Abdullah Siddiqui and aima baig
Abdullah Siddiqui and Aima Baig’s duet

After the first glimpse of Abdullah Siddiqui and Aima Baig’s collaboration, many magazines have posted that Aima Baig and Abdullah Siddiqui is going to release their album this week, but the truth is it hasn’t been decided yet. All are rumors! The most amazing thing is actor Shahbaz Shighri is also going to be a part of this upcoming collab. People are trusting Aima that she will create something dynamic and innovative that will jam to the new beat.

Aima Baig X Ali Zafar

One and only Ali Zafar and stunning Aima Baig

It has been expected that Aima is working for a duet with Ali Zafar as they were spotted together. But, recently Aima Baig has officially revealed in her Instagram  and Twitter posts that something cool is coming up with Ali Zafar soon. Besides, it is not known that when the collab’s cover glimpses and official releasing dates will be on air!

What so ever! Aima Baig is an excellent and multi-talented female singer of Pakistan. And she has been engaged for collaboration with the most favorite and best Male singers this year! So, are you guys excited?

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