MS Paint Will Not Be The Part Of Windows Any More


What was your first graphics design tool when you bought computer? If you are born in 80’s or 90’s, your answer will be “MS Paint”. MS Paint has been part of Windows Operating System since Windows 95. It was not just a graphic design app but a good time pass when we had not a big choice of application and entertainment. People used to spend hours in trying their creativity in MS Paint in their free time. It was one of the most favorite app in Windows Operating system.

The bad news is the MS Paint will not be a part of Windows anymore. Microsoft has recently announced that MS Paint will not be available as a default app whenever you will install Windows Operating System on your laptop or personal computer. Golden were the days when you used to go to “Start” menu and then “Accessories” to search the “Paint”. Start Menu changed in Windows 7 and totally changed in Windows 8 and later versions but MS Paint was still there to be accessible from the Start Menu.

We’ll miss you MS Paint when you will not be there in our Windows. We haven’t yet imagined the Windows without MS Paint. You may not believe but I still use MS Paint, sometimes as a time pass, sometimes to keep kids busy and sometimes to use it as a slate.

There’s a good thing in that announcement by the Microsoft and it’s that MS Paint will be removed from the Windows default or preloaded apps. But you can still download it from Microsoft Store. And don’t worry it will not be a paid app. You can download it free whenever you want. MS Paint will be removed from Windows but you can get it back whenever you want. Cheer up guys! Your childhood’s favorite app will stay here may for few more years.

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