How Much Can I Earn Money with ClixSense


During the last decade Internet has become popular for two main reasons i.e. Source of Entertainment and Source of Earning. Everyone wants to know how to make money on the Internet and how to earn online with least work and knowledge. Such desires and lusts opened doors for scammers and they made millions by fooling the people who wanted to be rich by working online without any skill or knowledge.

Catchy Slogans that Trap Pakistani

Earn Thousands by Data Entry work, earn 50k by simply reading emails and earn thousand by clicking on the ads. These were some common betraying lines which trapped millions of Pakistani and they lost thousands of rupees in such scams. All of such offers were not scam but most of them were just false and fake dreams if not scam. Same is the case for most of PTC i.e. pay to click sites like NeoBux and ClixSense. They offer you money if you register and click on the ads.

NeoBux and ClixSense

Few years ago NeoBux was one of most popular PTC Network and thousand rather millions of Pakistani were registered members of NeoBux trying to make money by clicking ads and out of those millions you won’t find a single person who earned enough to qualify for the payout. Now ClixSense is another PTC network which is working on the same business model and people of Pakistan are still getting crazy about ClixSense and they want to know how to make money with ClixSense and how much money they can earn with ClixSense, so here’s our answer.

How ClixSense Work and How You Earn with ClixSense

As we mentioned above, ClixSense is not different then NeoBux and both of these PTC Networks are not scam in fact. But it’s nothing more than a trap if you consider carefully. Most of the PTC networks ask you to register so that you may get daily quota of ads to click. You get the ads, you click on the ads and few cents are transferred to your account. It’s a very slow pace of earning and when you are close to the point where you are fed up of this slow pace of earning, you are given an offer to buy more quota of ads with the money you earned so that you may get more ads and hence more daily money.

You buy more ads and lose all the money in buying that new package and hence you start from zero again. As you reach close to the minimum payout level, you are showed another offer to buy a package where every ad will pay you double of the normal amount and hence you will get double money every day by clicking same number of ads. You get greedy and buy take that new offer by spending once again that all you earned. And hence you never reach the minimum payout level and never receive a single penny and till then that PTC network would have earned enough that it won’t bother to close its website.

How Much Money You Can Earn with ClixSense?

So now we hope that you would have got a clear idea what they are going to do if you get registered to ClixSense or any other network. If you won’t buy any of the package, you will hardly earn 10 – 15 USD and if you buy some of the package they offer, you can earn as much as 45 USD per month. Is that a good amount to earn after spending hours every day whole month? I hope you won’t like that idea. We can give you some better ideas that the idea of earning money with ClixSense and earning money with NeoBux. Keep reading our posts for better business and earning ideas in Pakistan.

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