Who Will Sit On Iron Throne – Truth Revealed Finally

Well it might be shocking for you to know who will sit on Iron Throne in World’s Most Favourite Series “Game of Throne”. There are lots of fan theories about the possible ending and true heir of Iron Throne. Every theory has some good strong arguments in support. And lots GOT fans are there who believe in some of these fan theories. But today we will tell you what’s going to happen in GOT Season 8.

Game of Thrones Always Surprised with Unexpected Turn

Most popular fan theory says Jon Snow is the true heir of Iron Throne and Khaleesi will be his queen. But this is not going to happen dude. George R.R. Martin has always surprised you and changed the game in a way you never expected. In the very first Season of Games of Thrones you might have started believing that Ned Stark is going to sit on Iron Throne and in the very next episode he was murdered.


When almost 90% of the GOT fans were believing that Rob Stark is going to be the king of Seven Kingdoms but in next few episodes Ned Stark with his mother Kat Stark was murdered. So, in short, GOT always advanced in unexpected way. So if you are now expecting that Jon Snow who is actually a Dragon is going to sit on Iron Throne with Daenerys Queen so you are absolutely wrong. What’s going to happen in the end is shocking but that’s the tradition of Game of Thrones.

Jon Snow – The Next Night King

So for supporters of Jon Snow, the news is that Jon Snow is going to die while fighting with Night King and he will become the next Night King. Yeah that’s shocking but that’s what GOT fans will see. Jon Snow will remain in senses and will lead the White Walker Army away from the living humans. So if Jon Snow will die then who will sit on Iron Throne?

Tyrion in Not a Lannister

You might have seen Tywin Lannister and Cersei blaming Tyrion for the death of Joanna – the wife of Tywin and mother of Cersei. Tywin Lannister always said that he doesn’t have any other option except owning him and giving his name because he doesn’t have any proof that he’s not his son. And that’s true that Tyrion is not son of Tywin Lannister. Tyrion is actually son of Mad King and hence Tyrion is actually Daenerys, uncle of Jon Snow. Mad King had crush on Joanna and he wanted to sleep with her even on her wedding night with Tywin Lannister and that’s why Tywin always hated Mad King and conspired the murder of Mad King.


Now move to another supporting point. Let’s recall the scene when Tyrion went to see the chained dragons. Dragon was angry and could kill him but it stayed calm before Tyrion. Same thing happened when Jon Snow touched dragon. So that’s a strong point to believe that Tyrion is also dragon like Jon Snow. So being the only living son of Mad King, Tyrion is the true heir of Iron Throne in Games of Throne and he will sit on the Iron Throne. Sansa Stark, who is also his wife, will be his queen. Now just think why George RR Martin kept Sansa alive being the most useless character. And she always wanted to be the queen so she will be the queen.

One thing about all three dragons or Daenerys is that their mother died while giving birth and all three are storm born. So now is there any confusion remained in your mind? I hope not. This might be a shocking end for you even for Tyrion’s fans but this is what going to happen in the end of Games of Thrones.


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