How to Make Money Online While You Sleep


You might have heard the wealth of world’s most popular billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett increases every second even when they are not working and even when they are sleeping. How a person can make money while he’s sleeping? Doesn’t it sound like something ultra-phenomenal? If that’s possible then every man and woman on earth will keep sleeping because what else can be better than this?

Well, to reach that level, you have to attain certain level. You might have heard a story of a crow and a rabbit. Where a rabbit wanted to take a nap and he was finding some safe place to sleep. He saw a crow sleeping on a branch of a tall tree. The rabbit thought it might be a safe place to sleep because if a crow can sleep why can’t he. So, the rabbit slept beside the tree. Now a fox while wandering saw that healthy rabbit sleeping and it jumped over it and ate it. The moral of the story is: Reach the certain height if you want to make money even when you’re dreaming.

If you haven’t reached that certain level, we still have some amazing ideas for you where you can earn money while you sleep. Eager to know? Well we’re talking about some ways of how to make money online while you sleep. And here below are some of the ideas you can work on and start immediately to start earning money online.

Forex and Stock Trading

Forex and Stock trading is something that fascinates most of the young people and there’s a reason behind that. Forex and Stock trading can make you rich in just a year or even in just few months if you play carefully having a keen eye on every news and signal that can shake the market. But to start this business minimum recommended investment is at least USD 1000. You can’t start with a lower amount but that won’t let you make a handsome money even if you win every deal. Once if you put a deal in the market with a sound belief that you’re going to win, you can take a nap while the market will be earning for you.


Blog is like a real estate property. It takes time to build but once it’s built and got some value, its value will keep on increasing and you will keep getting money like a real estate property makes you rental income. Start a blog or buy some ready blog if you have money in your pocket. Put some amazing posts on that and apply for some ads network like Google Adsense. Now this blog will be making ads revenue for you and you will be making money online even when you’ll be sleeping.

Mobile App

Mobile app will earn money for you like a blog but it can go a step further. If you have some amazing app about which people are getting crazy like a game, you can make it a paid app or you can add in-app purchases. Now people will be downloading and playing game or the app and will be making money for you while you will be having some beautiful dreams in your bed.

Sell e-Books and Courses

Having a good writing skills can be a basic skill to be a millionaire. You can hunt money if you can write some good content. You can write for your clients and get paid for every word you write or you can write for yourself in the form of blogs or e-books. Create some amazing e-books like some courses and sell these e-books on Amazon Kindle, Google Read and some other networks. People will be buying books and paying you money while you will be taking nap.

Sell Images

Have a camera and some good photographic skills? Congratulations! You qualify to make money online while you are sleeping. All you have to do is to take some amazing photos that people are willing to buy like you can take photos of some common objects, of people performing different tasks, buildings, offices and any other idea you like. Put these photos on some Stock Images website where people buy Stock Photos. You one click can give you thousands of bucks.

So these are the top five ideas of making money online while you sleep. There are some other ideas as well you can search about, like sell subscription based services, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, Podcasting, YouTube Channel, Online Store and many more. Hope you’ll like these ideas and now you can take steps to achieve your dreams while you dream.

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