A Millionaire’s Day Schedule – You Must Follow


We millionaire as a successful person and we want to follow their advice and tips so that we may also become rich and successful like them. We often think that millionaires are the people who enjoy their life and they do whatever whenever they want but reality is not like that. Their lives are more organized and well scheduled unlike ours. They schedule everything so that they may not end up wasting their time on useless activities.

If you want to be a millionaire, you must organize your life and daily schedule like a millionaire. Here we have a millionaire’s day schedule. Make this millionaire’s day schedule as your day schedule so that you may succeed in your life like most of the millionaires succeeded.


Wake up and leave your bed. 5:00AM is the time when legends and millionaires wake up and start their day.


Till 5:30AM you must be fresh and ready to start exercise. You can go out for walk or jogging or you can stay at home and perform routine exercise. It will increase your stamina and passion for struggle.

6:00 AM

After getting free from exercise, sit at some quiet place and meditate. It will give you peace of mind and then you’ll be able to keep your head cool even at critical situations. And a successful person keeps his mind cool so that he can take better decisions without getting panic.

6:30 AM

Morning time is a good time to read so spend some times reading new books of your interest or field related so that you may start your day by learning something new.

7:00 AM

It’s the time when you must be ready for the breakfast.

8:00 AM

You’re not an employee who reaches office at 9:00 AM or at 9:30 AM, you’re the boss and an entrepreneur so you must start your work early. 8:00 AM is the best time to start your day. That’s the time when most of millionaire start working.

1:00 PM

Work continuously till 1:00 PM i.e. hardly 5 hours. This time is the best time for work and most creative time as well. At 1:00 PM take your first break i.e. Lunch Break. Finish your lunch, take a little rest and then get back to work.

7:00 PM

Your employee may leave office at 5:00 PM but keep in mind, you’re not an employee. You must stay in the office even after the office working hours and 7:00 PM is the time when most of entrepreneurs take off from the work.

8:00 PM

After signing off from work you must get fresh. Now it’s time for dinner and 8:00 PM is the best time for dinner.  Most of the successful persons sit for dinner at 8:00 PM.

11:00 PM

After dinner, you must spend your time with your family. Give them proper time and that time is not a time waste. It heals your brain and makes you encouraged again. So after dinner till 11:00 PM you can either read new books or articles or even research about some new business ideas or problems. And as the clock ticks 11 times, leave everything and jump into the bed because it’s the time when millionaire sleep.

Now you know how organized and scheduled a millionaire’s life is. When are you going to make your life organized?

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