140 Billion Dollars Divorce is World’s Most Expensive Divorce


You might have heard the name of Jeff Bezos, one of the most successful entrepreneur, businessman and one of the world’s richest man. He’s the founder and CEO of Amazon and various other companies as well. His total worth in 2019 is estimated about 137 or maybe 140 Billion US Dollars. Jeff Bezos is richer than American President Donald Trump, PayPal Owner Elon Musk and even richer than Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft.

Recently on 9th January 2019, Jeff Bezos tweeted about his marriage life and intimated about his divorce with MacKenzie. The news gone viral on the web. Every social media network, every blog, news websites, news channels and even entertainment channels took this Tweet to seriously and it became the part of every gossip. Why just single divorce can be some interesting to everyone on earth? Here we’re going to tell why.

Jeff Bezos is dating with Lauren Sanchez and everyone know about that. And now he has announced his relation to the public. It affected Jeff and MacKenzie marital relation and now they are at the end of 25 years long relationship. Jeff and MacKenzie also have 4 kids and if the couple gets separated, most probably MacKenzie will keep the kids as per United States Laws.

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez – The New Love

As we mentioned before the total worth of Jeff Bezos which is estimated roughly 137 Billion Dollars and according to few sources it’s 170 Billion US Dollars. Whatsoever, if Jeff Bezos divorces MacKenzie, he won’t remain the richest man but MacKenzie will become the richest ever woman on earth. Jeff and MacKenzie married 25 years ago even before the Amazon was founded. And as per United States Laws, any property earned during the marriage life must be divided equally between the husband and wife if they decide to get separate.

So, this divorce is going to be most expensive divorce on earth so far that’s what making this divorce a gossip stock. Upon getting divorce the minimum amount that MacKenzie is going to get is about 66 Billion US Dollars. But if she keeps the kids with her, the amount can exceed more than the expectation. Well, it’s not a good thing and we wish it will not happen.

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