10 Businesses You Can Start with USD 1000


Starting a business needs huge investment – that’s a common statement you hear when you tell someone about your intention to start a new business. It’s not wrong but it’s not correct as well. There are lots of businesses that you can start even with low investment. Can you arrange the investment of just USD 1000? If you’re answer is “YES” then keep reading because we’re going to tell you about 10 businesses that you can start with the investment of just USD 1000.


To start a photography business, you need a good professional DSLR and few equipment. A professional DSLR with medium features is easily available in USD 600 to 700. Rest of the money you can spend in buying equipment like camera stand and lights. Learn photography and photo editing online and start your photography business.

Video Production

For video production business you need a good camera or even a smartphone with HD video recording of superb quality, lights, microphone and a laptop or computer for editing purpose. All these things can be bought in less than USD 1000. Learn photo editing online free and start your Video Production business.

Online Buying Selling Flipping Business

There are lots of website which allows you to buy or sell anything. Like you have Ebay, Olx and many other such websites where you can buy or sell things. If you have some savings in your pocket, search for the products that you think you can sell to someone easily like a smartphone. Find the best offer on Ebay or Olx and then bargain with the seller to buy it at lower price and then resell it to some other customer. This flipping business can give you a handsome monthly income.

Resume Drafting

First impression is the last impression and if you are hunting for a job then your resume is the first impression that you cast on the employer. If it will be strong, more the chances are there that you will be hired. If you feel that you can draft some professional eye-catching resumes, you can start resume drafting business. It can be started free or if you don’t have creative ideas then you can buy some awesome resume template and then you can edit and sell them to your customers.

Event Planner

Event Planner is become more and more popular business since last few years. You can start your event planning business in less than USD 1000. All you need cost efficient yet professional sources like stage decorator, caterer, photographers and video makers, DJ, lighting master and cooks etc. Now invest a little in marketing and get your first event and then your journey to success as event planner will start.

Website Flipper

Website flipping business requires an in-depth knowledge to more about a website which is available for buying. If you feel that a certain website is sellable at higher price, you can buy it and the resell it to a new buyer. You can even start this business online with a complete automated portal and hence you can earn commissions as well.

Customer Service

To start your customer service business, all you need is a quiet place where you can sit and talk to customers, a PC or laptop with a dialer application (free or paid) and a good quality headphone with microphone. Now join some networks online from where you can get the project and hence you can start earing with your customer service business.

Online Researcher

Success of any business or study is based on research, data and analytics. If you don’t have proper research, data and stats, you can’t make a concrete decision. Lots of people are searching for online researchers who can conduct an online survey and gather data for them. You can give them a helping hand by acting as an online researcher for them. Give them the require data and get paid for that.

Web Domain Flipping

Web Domain flipping is just like website flipping business. But here you don’t buy a fully and completely developed website running and earning some bucks rather you only reserve premium domain names by paying the domain seller. Now if you will find a buyer who need the domain you have already registered, you can sell the domain to the seller at much higher price.

Web Hosting

A Web hosting business can be started in less than USD 1000. If you have professional knowledge, then you can buy a VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server then create different accounts and sell them. But if you don’t have technical knowledge to play with VPS, you can simply buy a reseller hosting and then sell the hosting accounts online or to direct customers.

Now you have the idea about at least ten businesses that you can start with the investment as low as USD 1000. So when are you starting your business now?

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