Hajra Yamin Rocks, Audience Shocked

Some recent slaying pictures of actress Hajra Yamin has made the audience furious. Hajra’s latest Instagram post was based on a winter look, in which she is wearing a short revealing blue dress and used to carry a full sleeves Jeans Jacket on her shoulders. In the post caption, she clearly said: “Winter is coming? Is it? Slightly confused I am.”  Hajra always slays in her social media posts, but the recent pictures have grabbed a bad point of view from the audience. Let’s see why people are making gossips about her:

What is the Point of View of Audience and What they exactly Commented?

After her insta post, People think that Hajra is too bold and simply rocking on the name of modernism as she wears revealing clothes. According to comments many people agreed with the thoughts of Islamic Things and wanted to know is Hajra Muslim or not!

Some of the most usual comments


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Okay Guys! Forgive and forget. How is that even annoying anyone, Hajra Yamin is a grown up young woman enough to take her own life decisions and she’s created this look by her choice. Right? Then what’s your reason for hate? Don’t spread hate, stay positive, become better! Cheers!

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