Yasir Hussain Jokes about Hania Amir – The Fight Goes Viral On Social Media


Recently the famous Pakistani Showbiz Star and Celebrity Hania Amir posted her picture on Social Media showing that she was suffering from Acne and she tried to convey a message that no body is perfect not even the celebrities you love. Everyone has something imperfect and we shouldn’t feel pressure for that deficiency at all. Well she was trying to spread a good message but everyone don’t take it that way.


Later in the day a fan on Instagram asked the Showbiz Model and Actor Yasir Hussain about Hania Amir. He asked him one word for Hania Amir and Yasir Hussain instantly – in context to Hania Amir’s recent picture of acne infected skin, said that one word “DANEDAR”. He made a bad joke and that was insensitive. And it gone viral instantly and everyone was talking about this joke. Thousands of comments were there and people were chanting on Social Media.


Hania Amir soon got the news about the bad joke of Yasir Hussain and she responded instantly to the bad joke of Yasir Hussain about her acne skin photo and said that his friend is now used to of making bad jokes.

Yasir Hussain after receiving the Hania Amir’s reply at her joke, responded and tried to defend himself by saying that he made this joke so that Hania Amir may call her friend and now the objective of the bad joke is achieved.


Well the Hania Amir and Yasir Hussain fight not ended here. Hania Amir sent another long message in respond and it was not just a reply to Yasir Hussain’s statement and bad joke but it was also the continual of her Acne skin post.

Hania Amir said it’s not just sab but disgusting thing to make fun of people’s deficiencies and insecurities and people must realize this that it is never funny to make fun of someone. She further pointed Yasir Hussain and said that it wasn’t funny at all and nobody is laughing at your bad joke.

Well this fight between Yasir Hussain and Hania Amir remained the talk of the town last night.

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